Purpose and Values of EIVS

1. Purpose of EIVS (why our school exists)
EIVS has the goal to provide a broad presentation of Vedic / Hindu culture through various branches of traditional knowledge such as philosophy, Jyotish, and Ayurveda by courses and extended trainings with Vaidya Atreya Smith. and other teachers.

The purpose of EIVS is to offer a high level of andragogic education in Switzerland and the European community. EIVS is an educational and research facility that shares its mission with a number of other institutions and is not affiliated with any one group, ideology, teacher, or teaching.

For Ayurveda Medicine specifically, the aim of EIVS is to train top Ayurveda Medicine practitioners and Ayurveda therapists which are qualified to work professionally with clients and Ayurveda.

2. EIVS values (how faculty and students are expected to behave)

- Practical: The focus is on providing a practical approach and tools combined with close, personal supervision by the teachers that enable students to practice Ayurveda professionally with clients. This method allows for a gradual transition from learning to practice of Ayurveda medicine.

- Authentic: EIVS is teaching authentic Ayurvedic medicine based on the classical texts of Ayurveda and many decades of clinical experience with patients

- Relevant: EIVS is enabling students to make Ayurveda Medicine relevant and practicable in today’s Western way of life

- High-quality: EIVS trainings are challenging and set high standards for the students

- Modern : EIVS creates a state-of-the art andragogic learning environment that meets students’ needs with a variety of modern, interactive teaching and learning methods (mixed learning) to achieve maximum flexibility and optimal learning outcomes for Ayurveda Medicine practitioners and Ayurveda therapists

- Non-ideological: EIVS is not affiliated with any one group, ideology, teacher, or teaching

3. EIVS’s USP (what is special or different about EIVS)

- EIVS is the world’s leading boutique school for Ayurveda medicine: The classes are small (10 to 16 students in English), as only a small class size allows the teacher to give individual guidance and feedback to each student. EIVS has market leadership in terms of quality of teaching, cost-benefit ratio, optimized duration of the training courses, and sustainability

- Top class faculty with extensive clinical experience in Ayurveda medicine and focus on practical work: Vaidya Atreya Smith is an internationally recognized clinician, expert and teacher in Ayurvedic medicine. He teaches together with Dr. Sunil V. Joshi and his wife Dr. Shalmali, who are both also internationally recognized clinicians, experts and teachers in Ayurvedic medicine, especially in Panchakarma treatments and Ayurvedic gynaecology. Although the school is domiciled in Switzerland, the reputation of the school and the geographical origin of the students extends far beyond Switzerland. The extensive clinical experience of the teachers is key to train top Ayurveda Medicine practitioners and Ayurveda therapists which are qualified to work professionally with clients and Ayurveda.

- Pioneer in online/mixed training of Ayurveda Medicine: EIVS is a pioneer in providing mixed learning programs in Ayurveda Medicine, offering a combination of online training with practical training in India since 2006. Mixed learning approaches meet the educational needs of the target groups in an optimal way and is key to achieve the learning success of different types of learners

4. Strategic priorities (what EIVS is going to focus on over the next few years to improve students’ experience (goals and targets) and how EIVS is going to do this (key improvement strategies and actions)

EIVS aims to remain the leading boutique school for Ayurveda Medicine in the West. To this end, the following strategic priorities will be pursued:

a) Quality leadership
EIVS aims to staff the Faculty of Trainers by the world’s leading Ayurveda teachers with decades of successful clinical practice. The focus of the trainings is not only on the academic transfer of knowledge, but primarily on the empowerment of the students to practically work with clients and Ayurveda, and to lead a successful Ayurveda practice

b) Best cost-benefit ratio
EIVS aims to improve the access to Ayurveda medicine training for interested prospective Ayurveda Medicine practicioners and therapists through affordable, high-quality training with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market

c) Optimized duration of the training courses
EIVS strives to offer a training for the Federal Diploma in Ayurveda Medicine, which can be completed in 3 years. This is by far the most time efficient training available on the market

d) Leading in sustainability
EIVS will continue to focus on providing online learnings, this will help to save our planet, and students’ time and budgets

e) Accredited by Oda-AM as Ayurveda Medicine School in Switzerland
EIVS received government accreditation in June 2021 from Oda-AM.

5. Strategic actions (actions EIVS will undertake to implement key improvement strategies and milestones that will be used to identify the progress in their implementation)

a) Strategic actions to further expand EIVS’ market leadership in terms of quality, cost-benefit and sustainability: At the moment Ayurveda is not an attractive and valid career perspective for many interested people due to the high costs and duration of the training, and the outdated learning methods (requirement for 100% class-room attendance). EVIS offers an efficient and attractive alternative with its mixed learning approach. This will significantly increase the range of courses offered at Ayurveda schools in Switzerland and thus create real alternatives for students.

b) online learning: EIVS advocates with industry associations and regulatory bodies that the requirements for Ayurveda medicine training courses are improved in such a way that substantial time and cost reductions can be achieved, a core need for future prospective. Ayurveda medicine practitioners and therapists. EIVS will continue to focus on providing mixed learning with many online segments, this will help to save our planet, and students’ time and budgets. Digital learning methods help to save the planet by reducing CO2 emissions from travel by studying from home: no fuel consumption, less air pollution, less wear and tear on vehicles. No expenses on travel and accommodation, and no time wasted in transport.

c) Student-centric further development of the curriculum that is designed with the aim to train excellent Ayurveda Medicine practitioners and Ayurveda therapists: the curriculum has evolved continuously over the last 27 years, based on student feedback and student evaluation. EIVS investigates changing or new (unmet) needs of students (current and prospective) through continuous biannual student surveys and participation in the board of Ayurveda associations. The weekly learning review with homework and tests shows also shows what students have understood and what they have not. EIVS uses these findings to continually improve the learning content, methodologies and curricula to continue to be the leading provider of high quality Ayurvedic education with the best cost-benefit ratio and sustainability. At the core of the EIVS curriculum are trainings to prepare students for their practical work with clients, and to lead a successful Ayurveda practice

d) A key strategic action of EIVS is to offer additional trainings which better enable students to operate a successful Ayurveda practice: Recent market research has shown that many Ayurveda Medicine practitioners / therapists are overwhelmed with the practice management and struggle to make a living. EVIS will develop more training offerings which better prepare students for practical work with clients/patients and for running a successful practice, e.g. with classes on customer relations, stock, accounting, management of practice, etc. For the students, this will be a great bridge between the theory and practice

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Training in Ayurvedic medicine with a validated diploma of 3376 hours – Nidana – Chikitsa – Dravyaguna – herbal medicine according to Ayurveda – trainings in Ayurveda since 1998 – Dr. Sunil V. Joshi, MD(ayu) – Vaidya Atreya Smith, BSc MA – all these courses are taught in English.

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