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Transmission of Ayurveda since 1987 and training practitioners since 1998

We have been teaching online trainings since 2010 and are the innovators in Ayurveda education.

Training in Ayurvedic Medicine of 3190 hours beginning in 2020!

The profession of qualified Ayurvedic naturopathic practitioner is recognized in Switzerland through a Federal Diploma. Ayurveda is represented by the OdA AM (Organization of Work in Swiss Alternative Medicine).

Here is our program:

Ayurvedic medicine - study program
Subject Contact with teachers Supervised study Total hours Cost
Basics of Ayurveda - (M2) Foundation Level 1 480 630 1110 3700 CHF*
Therapeutic treatments - (M2) Clinical studies Level 2 243 189 432 3700 CHF
Clinical medicine - (M2) Dravyaguna Nidana Chikitsa Level 3 416 632 1048 3845 CHF
Total M2 1139 1451 2590 11245 CHF
Practical training - (M6) Clinical Internship 300 300 600 7900 CHF
Total M2 + M6 1439 1751 3190 19145 CHF

* not included - Sanskrit training

The above table gives an outline of our four-level program. Normal time to complete this program is four years, although it may be possible for some students to finish it in three years. The courses take place in Lausanne, Switzerland; Nagpur, India; and online. This is called a mixed learning environment. This means having some courses with a physical teacher and other courses where the teacher is on the internet interacting with the students. We combine teacher contact hours with supervised self-study.

Modules M1 (basic medical training), M3 (health and ethics), M4 (therapist work), and M5 (leadership and management) are taught by other schools in Switzerland. EIVS only teaches the modules on Ayurveda; M2 and M6. See the OdA AM website.

For students outside of Switzerland

It is possible to follow a reduced program with EIVS to become a practitioner of Ayurveda. This option exists for students who do not live in Switzerland and cannot follow the programs taught in Lausanne. This option costs less money and is sufficient to qualify as practitioner in most European countries and the America’s. See the table below:

Ayurvedic practitioner - study program
Subject Contact with teachers Supervised study Total hours Cost
Basics of Ayurveda - Foundation (M2) Level 1 415 564 979 3350 CHF
Therapeutic treatments - Clinical studies (M2) Level 2 225 175 400 3350 CHF
Clinical medicine - Dravyaguna Nidana Chikitsa (M2) Level 3 400 600 1000 3350 CHF
Total M2 1040 1339 2379 10050 CHF

Student comments from 2019-2020

"Thanks for sending the diploma and marks. All well received. Thank you for your teaching this year. I have learned an enormous amount, which feels like a important gain in an incredible journey of discovery and fascination to a very deep subject. I’m looking forward to notching up (hopefully) another milestone next year - after a good relaxing break. Hope you will enjoy some peace and tranquility from the teaching. I have valued your constant weekly work pressure with feedback. Unbelievably, this is something that we never received in the entire year at my previous training (in the UK) - not a single piece of work was ever responded to or marked! " Nick

"I am so glad I finally joined your class after wandering for so many years in the hope of finding a place where I could learn Ayurveda. During these 5 long years I mainly found people interested by taking my money and not even teaching me in exchange. All this time I thought that these teachers were a very bad example for their students : what to expect from the future practitioners if the persons supposed to be an example in medicine behave like dishonest merchants? This year spent with you in study was such an amazing contrast with all these "teachers" I had before : I felt a depth of implication from you, and that you really cared about us becoming people truly able to help others. I haven’t met such dedication and enthusiasm before. And of course, I learnt a lot. And need to memorize and apply all of this. I feel very lucky and grateful to have you as a teacher. I hope you will have the time to have a good rest." Tiphaine

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Training in Ayurvedic medicine with a validated diploma of 3190 hours – Nidana – Chikitsa – Dravyaguna – herbal medicine according to Ayurveda – trainings in Ayurveda since 1998 – Dr. Sunil V. Joshi, MD(ayu) – Vaidya Atreya Smith, BSc MA – all courses are taught in English