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Here you can see a list of FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the EIVS trainings offered in English.

I am not a Swiss resident or citizen can I still study with EIVS?
Yes, the reduced program for non Swiss is 2564 hours and the outline can be seen here – https://www.eivs.org/

I am a student living outside Europe. Have you had any students complete this program from other places in the world?
Since the conception of our mixed learning program in 2010 we have been training students from all over the world. For example, from Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, and various European countries (France, UK, Sweden, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain, etc.).

Does EIVS teach only a practitioners training? Or do you also offer a therapists training?
We have an extensive therapist training that is 3 years long that we have been teaching since 2014 in its present form. EIVS has always offered therapist training since our creation in 1998. This extensive training is only available in French and is taught near Geneva in France. See this link – https://www.atreya.com/ayurveda/Massage-Ayurvedique-Niveau-I.html

I’d like to know if I have to come to Switzerland for M2.1 (level 1), of the Ayurveda training? Or can the whole thing be done online?
For people living outside or far away from Switzerland there is the reduced training that is only online. This is comprised of the levels 1 and 3 for 2164 hours. These are online only levels. The level 2 teaches all of the external therapies such as massage, shirodhara, pindasvedana, etc. and is taught face-to-face near Geneva. See the outline of the levels here – https://www.eivs.org/

What is the teaching method of EIVS?
Since 1998 the goal of EIVS has been to train and support Ayurvedic practitioners in the West. To achieve this goal, in 2010 we developed modular online learning programs mixed with traditional face-to-face teaching in a classroom. The structure of the school has always been modular and flexible for students - within a certain context - for example one cannot do level 3 before level 1. The use of these different modules is called "mixed learning" as it mixes online learning with face-to-face learning methods. See here for an explanation of the teaching methods: https://www.eivs.org/EIVS-Teaching-Methodology.html

Can I start the training when I want to?
No, all trainings start in early September and finish in June with the final exams due in July each year. Note that registrations close at the end of July each year and the preliminary study and preparation for the September training start after the 20th of August each year. See this page for details on registration - https://www.eivs.org/Registration-process.html

Is it still possible to register for the online training course starting this September? If so, how do I go about it?
Registrations close at the end of July each year. It is not possible to join the trainings after this date. See this page for details on registration - https://www.eivs.org/Registration-process.html

Do you have a complete documentation pack I can read about the course?
The details of each level of the training are on the eivs.org website. Go to the homepage and click on the level of study to have the details or dates, costs, and subject matter. See the homepage here - https://www.eivs.org/

How much does the training cost?
The costs of the training are transparent and indicated on the homepage. If you click on each level of study there is a breakdown of hours of study and costs. The training outline with fees can be seen here – https://www.eivs.org/

Can I pay the training in several times? Do have a payment plan or financing available?
In order to limit accounting and administration, EIVS does not offer payment plans for its trainings. See the explanation here - https://www.eivs.org/Payments-and-communications.html

I do not understand the terms used in this website. What does M2 and M6 mean?
The Swiss Federal diploma in natural medicine has 7 modules. Only 2 of 7 are concerned with Ayurveda. EIVS teaches the 2 modules on Ayurveda. For the federal diploma there are 5 other modules to complete. There is a full explanation here (only in German, French or Italian) - https://www.oda-am.ch/fr/education/formation/

Note that EIVS needs three years to teach the M2 module and one year to teach the M6 module. For EIVS the M2 is devided in three levels M2.1, M2.2 and M2.3. Each of these levels has sub-levels that are optional for students who live outside of Switzerland. For example, the M2.1 has three parts:
- M2.1.1 (Basics of Ayurveda, taught online)
- M2.1.2 (Advanced diagnostic training, taught face-to-face)
- M2.1.3 (Sanskrit study, taught online)
See each webpage the details, for example, - https://www.eivs.org/M2-1-Foundation-Level-One.html

Can I join the level 3 without studying the level 1?
No, see the explanation in the next answer.

What is level of study offered EIVS and how can I compare this to other schools?
Ayurveda is always concerned with the same subjects of Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, etc. It is very difficult to judge schools from the outside as the list of subjects covered is about the same. However, just like in our normal schooling as children we learn language or math every year and it is the same subject. Yet each year we learn more and dive deeper into the complexity of the subject being studied. Eventually we arrive in university where we study language or math again. The problem in studying Ayurveda in the West is that there is no government control and regulation of these levels of study. Switzerland in the only country in Europe to have a diploma in natural medicine only for Ayurveda.

The program for this diploma is at a university level, Superior Professional Exam (EPS in French). The minimum amount of time to complete the study is five years at about 75% of time devoted to learning. After these five years there are two years of mentorship in which the student is followed in their professional practice by a teacher. All of this process is government regulated and overseen with many checks and balances. The goal of this Federal diploma in Ayurveda is to train a high level of professional health care providers that are totally integrated into the Swiss health care system. See here for the explanation (only in French, German or Italian) - https://www.oda-am.ch/fr/examen-prof-superieur/

EIVS teaches Ayurvedic medicine that is based on the WHO’s Guidelines for Ayurveda that forms the foundation of the Swiss curriculum. The basics of Ayurvedic medicine are taught in a 3376-hour mixed learning environment. For students outside of Switzerland this can be reduced to a 2564 or 2164 hour program depending if the level 2 clinical studies are done in France. While there is always repetition in the study of Ayurveda, EIVS teaches the critical information needed to be a Vaidya or Ayurvedic doctor in Europe or Western countries. The level of study is difficult and demanding, students need to allow between 10 to 15 hours of study time per week in order to follow the program.

Why should I study with EIVS?
The purpose and values of EIVS are clearly explained on this webpage. We maintain a very close contact with our students during the education process. See this page - https://www.eivs.org/Purpose-and-Values-of-EIVS.html

If I attend the additional clinical training in France, does it give me a different certificate or diploma compared to if I don’t take it?
Yes, the 2nd level in France teaches all of the external therapies we use to treat people in Ayurveda. Even if you never do these therapies yourself you need to know how they function and when to prescribe them as a "doctor". The training in Ayurveda is incomplete without them.

What title do I receive after I complete the three levels? Is it the same or different if I also complete the clinical training in France?
Look under "Diploma" for each level or year of study to see the title of the certificate for each level. If the whole M2 (all three levels) is completed there is a different title reflecting the completion of whole program and the hours - 2564 h to 3000 h if you manage to do the extra programs listed here (most will be available in English by this summer, I am working on the English versions now) https://www.eivs.org/Programmes-supplementaires.html?lang=fr

After the completion of these three levels, how can I further become an Ayurvedic Doctor?
The only way to become a "real" Ayurvedic doctor is to go through the university system in India which is conducted in local languages except for a school in Bangalore. In the USA they offer a "doctor" of Ayurveda, but my personal opinion is that the level of teaching is low. There are a lot of hours and case studies requirements which is a good side. If this is goal, maybe look into programs in the US. No Western country accepts the BAMS diploma of “Ayurvedic doctor”. It is better to check the local laws where you live and do programs that allow you to work professionally.

Is EIVS a certified school for Ayurveda?
Our school, EIVS, is certified by the Swiss government to teach the Federal diploma in natural medicine, specifically the discipline of Ayurveda, see this page - https://www.oda-am.ch/fr/education/prestataires-de-formation/

The Ayurvedic naturopathic practitioner is recognized in Switzerland through a Federal Diploma (superior or university level). Ayurveda is represented by the OdA AM (Organization of Work in Swiss Alternative Medicine https://www.oda-am.ch/fr/education/formation/).

Note that the exams for the Swiss diploma are only done in the official languages of Switzerland - German, French, Italian. Additionally, this is diploma is only available for Swiss residents who have an AVS number (Social Security number). So if you only speak English you can follow the program but not take the exams in Bern.

Note that EIVS is also accredited by:
eduCAM Swiss http://www.educamswiss.ch/index.html
ASCA (N° 2288) https://asca.ch/devenir-therapeute/
and meets the criteria of the RME https://www.rme.ch/

Does study with EIVS allow me to get a student Visa in Switzerland?
No, study with EIVS does not qualify students for study visas in Switzerland.

Is it possible to take a break of 1 or 2 years between the levels of study?
Yes, there is no problem to spread out the learning experience over several years.

Can I study in both English and French ?
No, it is not possible to mix the languages in this training. Once you register in one language all the material and recorded lessons, live lessons, homework and homework corrections are in that language. A few of the classes taught in Sion, Switzerland may be taught in both in languages depending the on the number of students for each language.

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