Pratical infos

Pratical infos

Interview with Vaidya Atreya Smith

Here is an interview with Vaidya Atreya Smith done by Andrew Mason in May 2024.

Here is an interview with Vaidya Atreya Smith done by Andrew Mason in May 2024. See the YouTube interview here:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can see a list of FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the EIVS trainings offered in English.

I am not a Swiss resident or citizen can I still study with EIVS? Yes, the reduced program for non Swiss is 2564 hours and the outline can be seen here – I am a student living outside Europe. Have you had any students complete this program from other places in the world? (...)

News about the school

We are happy to be able to give some news on the evolution of the school EIVS for the coming years. There is often misinformation circulating about the health of Atreya and about the school itself. Therefore we are happy to announce that there is no intention to close the school or modify the (...)

Registration process

How to register for EIVS trainings.

Registration for the M2 trainings usually open in early October each year and close on July 30th each year. Note that registrations close when a training is full regardless of the date. All trainings have limitations on the number of students. EIVS does not accept late registrations. Please be (...)

Free videos from Atreya

Due to a degenerative disorder of my neck and back (which was diagnoised 51 years ago) I am no longer able to teach many live classes in Ayurvedic medicine. However, there are a few free classes that I have made over the years and am posting the links below for those of you who may be interested. These videos are hosted on Adobe Connect so you will need to download the Adobe Connect app when asked.
Vaidya Atreya Smith
01 April 2023

How to Choose a Guru Why choosing a Guru is important and some classical guidelines 00h22 - 2016 Understanding dosage of herbs This Webinar looks at different doses of herbal powders (churnas) and some basic rules we can follow with our (...)

Student requirments

In order to register for any of the EIVS programs the student is required to have a minimum of a High School diploma.

Ayurveda is a medical science and requires long periods of self study. This requires that the student needs to be able to structure their time each week for study. If you have a doubt about your ability to organize your time and remain motivated to study all school year, we suggest that this is (...)

EIVS Teaching Methodology

EIVS Teaching Methodology - Blended Learning

EIVS uses both face-to-face and online learning which is called “Blended Learning” or “Mixed Learning” to avoid possible isolation among learners and teachers. In this presentation we are mainly looking at digital media or online learning because we have over 25 years of classroom teaching experience and it is an accepted methodology. There are many reasons why online learning offers an improved overall learning experience, especially when learning the theory and basic concepts of Ayurvedic medicine.

Please note that from September 2022 the English training M2.1.1 (level 1) is done through recordings. Atreya can no longer teach English programs. The system stays the same but without live classes with Atreya. Instead there are four years of "live recordings" where Atreya has answered (...)

Payments and communications

Namaskar, Thank you for your interest in the Ayurvedic medicine training that our school offers. Our school, EIVS, is certified to teach the Higher Professional Examination of Ayurvedic Naturopath (EPS in French) in Switzerland. See information on the EPS here. After spending 20 years managing (...)

General Conditions

General Conditions 1 - OBJECTIVE Welcome to EIVS GmbH who provides website features to you subject to the following conditions. If you visit our websites,, or, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully. In addition, when you use any (...)

Contact Us

Our mailing address is: EIVS GmbH Case Postale 48 3979 Grône Suisse e-mail : info @ Copyright © 2024 EIVS GmbH Disclaimer

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