M2.2 Clinical Studies Level Two

M2.2 - Clinical practice of Ayurveda in India - Level 2

After the first year of study online, you can complete a three-week training in India on the clinical practice of Ayurveda with Dr. Sunil V. Joshi at the Vinayak Ayurveda and Panchakarma Research Foundation, Nagpur, India.

Dates Nagpur, India - Level 2 M2.2.1

The trainings for 2022 are full. The next training will be in August 2023.

The Level 2 program in India is taught by Dr. Sunil V. Joshi & Dr. Shalmali Joshi

Description Allocation of hours
with teacher 70 hours
with teacher of massage 82 hours
supervised study 150 hours
written exams & practice with evaluation 50 hours
yoga with teacher M2.2.3 25 hours
yoga practice with evaluation M2.2.3 25 hours
Total in India 400 hours

This course is limited to 14 students.

Travel and accommodation are not included in the price of this training in India.

Distribution of teaching costs

M2.2.1 & M2.2.3 Description Allocation of costs
Registration fee 600 CHF
Level 2 training (400 hours of study in India) 3000 CHF
Total level 2 3600 CHF

There is a CHF 100 discount for individuals who register before the 1st of March for Level 2 - this does not apply to companies. The balance of CHF 3000 is due by 30 June at the latest.

Travel, food and accommodation are not included in the price of clinical study courses in India and Switzerland. All course prices shown on this page do not include transport and accommodation and are not the responsibility of EIVS GmbH.


Registration for Ayurvedic Medicine Training Level 2 - M2.2.1

The full registration procedure is explained on this website under practical information, or by clicking here.

Registrations open in November 2022 for August 2023

- April 30th is the registration deadline
- Note that this program is often full at the end of May of each year

To pay the registration fee for clinical studies in India click here:

M2.2.1 Course description

This training allows you to acquire the fundamental knowledge necessary for any specific Ayurveda research, and at the end of the cycle you are able to determine the correct:
- Application of Samanya-Vishesha in Dosha management
- Application of Bhaishajya Kalpana
- Application of external therapies such as Snehana, Pindasvedana, etc.
- Application of yoga asanas

M2 Clinical studies Level 2 - Therapeutic treatments (Second level)
- Preparations and types of medicines (Bhaishajya Kalpana)
- Phytotherapy (Dravyaguna)
- Pathology (Vikriti Vijnana)
- Treatments (Kaya Chikitsa)
- Ayurvedic dietary approaches (Ahara Chikitsa)
- Massage (Snehana, Udvartana, Utsadana, etc.)
- Basti (Manya Basti, Netra Basti, etc.)
- Purvakarma

Teachers of this training in India

- The Clinical studies program in India (Level 2) is taught by Dr. Sunil V. Joshi & Dr. Shalmali Joshi

EIVS GmbH is certified by OdA-AM and ASCA Switzerland as a qualified school for teaching Ayurveda and complies with the requirements of both ASCA and RME in Switzerland. EIVS is also certified by the EduQua label: Quality label for adult education.

After completing the 400 hours of training of "M2 Clinical studies Level 2 - Therapeutic treatments", as well as all the exams, you will receive a diploma signed by the European Institute of Vedic Studies (EIVS GmbH).

Transportation, accommodation and personal supplies as well as recommended books are not included in the cost of the training. As soon as we receive your registration form with your first payment and motivation letter, and after the acceptance of your application, you will receive information about the course as well as all the necessary practical information.

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Training in Ayurvedic medicine with a validated diploma of 3376 hours – Nidana – Chikitsa – Dravyaguna – herbal medicine according to Ayurveda – trainings in Ayurveda since 1998 – Dr. Sunil V. Joshi, MD(ayu) – Vaidya Atreya Smith, BSc MA – all these courses are taught in English.

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