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Due to a degenerative disorder of my neck and back (which was diagnoised 51 years ago) I am no longer able to teach many live classes in Ayurvedic medicine. However, there are a few free classes that I have made over the years and am posting the links below for those of you who may be interested. These videos are hosted on Adobe Connect so you will need to download the Adobe Connect app when asked.
Vaidya Atreya Smith
01 April 2023

How to Choose a Guru
Why choosing a Guru is important and some classical guidelines
00h22 - 2016

Understanding dosage of herbs
This Webinar looks at different doses of herbal powders (churnas) and some basic rules we can follow with our patients.
00h26 - 2016

Understanding Agni
Webinar on Agni, the concept of nutrient transformation and immunity.
00h38 - 2018

Free class on Vitex agnus-castus
Demo lecture with Atreya on using and understanding the herb Vitex.
00h39 - 2014

Free class on treating Cystitis
Demo lecture with Atreya on using herbs according to Ayurveda.
01h03 - 2014

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