Additional program information

In this section you can find the dates, costs and details on how to register for the additional programs needed for the M2 qualifications. These programs are also open to students of EIVS who have already completed their study in past years. Courses are taught in English, or in English and French; click on the training to see which language is being offered.

Note that EIVS respects and enforces all COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

M2.1.2 Advanced diagnostic training (Vikriti Pariksha)
Herrliberg, Switzerland
32 hours of study

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Dates: 19 - 20 March 2022

Cost: 350 CHF

This course is taught only in English.

M2.1.3 Sanskrit study
100 hours of study - EIVS is recommending this school in the UK to learn Sanskrit (click here). When you receive your certificate from "Sanskrit Courses" EIVS will issue the certification for the M2 OdA-AM.

Dates: September

Information and costs: go to this website

M2.2.2 Roga Nidana Vijnana training
32 hours of study

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Dates: 30 June 2022

Cost: 350 CHF

This course in taught in English.

M2.3.2 Vikriti Vijnana (pathology) training
Lausanne, Switzerland
48 hours of study

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Dates: 20 - 21 November 2021

Cost: 495 CHF

This course in taught in English and French (bi-lingual program).

Registration information

To register you can click on the links below:

M2 Advanced diagnostic training (Vikriti Pariksha)

M2 Roga Nidana Vijnana training

M2 Vikriti Vijnana (pathology) training

Note: The Swiss Federal diploma exams need to be taken in one of the three official Swiss languages: German, French, Italian. These additional programs are taught in French by Vaidya Atreya Smith.

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